How to Rethink Your Goals….in ways that work

Posted On March 2, 2018 at 12:39 am

Happy New Year, Baes!

Can you believe it’s 2018?! New year, new me. That’s the mantra, right?

Except… have you ever stopped to think about how strange and arbitrary it is that we decide to change our habits in the middle of winter, on some randomly assigned day? What a strange social construct and a weird way to measure time. Wouldn’t it instead make more sense if we were constantly working towards our goals, always trying to be a better version of ourselves? If instead of randomly deciding there were all these things we needed to change and choosing one day to flip the switch, we instead focused on the positive in a realistic and attainable way?

Well, baes, here at Yerbaé we believe in the power of self-reflection. While rethinking your different goals and attributes is important in defining who you are. We also think that it’s important to set yourself up for success. When we rethink the inside, we want to do it in a meaningful and intentional way, so the changes we make stick.

So, here are some of our tried and true methods, so when you decide to rethink and restart, you’re doing it in a way that works!

  1. Journal – The first step is simple. Write it down. Make it specific — what do you want to accomplish? What change are you making? What does it look like? What are all the details? This might sound like overkill, but make it concrete and clear so you know exactly when you’ve gotten there!
  2. Accountability buddy – The first few weeks of your new goal, those lifestyle changes can feel great. But then life gets in the way, you’re a little less focused on that resolution you made, and old habits come knocking on your door. We’ve all been there. But a great way to fight back is to have an accountability buddy! Do you have a friend who is also working to achieve something new, hit a goal, or change a habit? Cheer each other on. Help one another get there, one step at a time.
  3. Set timelines – New habits are hard to make, and almost harder to adhere to. Give yourself some deadlines to check in with yourself, sit down, and see how you’re doing. Have you made the changes you want? What’s standing in your way? What about your methods are working? What isn’t? A clearly defined time frame with a target start and end date gives you a sense of urgency. Additionally, giving yourself a concrete timeline, just to check in, makes it feel more manageable and attainable.

  4. Make it measurable – Have you ever heard of SMART goals? It’s a classic tool for goal setting – like the M stands for measurable! Come up with a way to quantify your progress, so you can track it! Is it something that is attainable? How will you know when you’ve gotten there? Using specific criteria to determine if you’re making progress and seeing changes helps you feel like you’re moving forward– while showing it in a tangible way.
  5. Share your goals with someone important to you – Ever had a goal that felt really personal, like maybe it was a bit of a reach, or like you needed to keep it private? Maybe you were working on something that felt so big and unattainable, or so different from who you currently were that you couldn’t imagine telling another soul. Telling someone else made it feel vulnerable, like you were putting yourself out there to be judged, and the potential for failure became bigger. So you just kept it to yourself…. The problem is, that’s not the route to success. The thing with big lifestyle changes is they are personal. And sometimes kind of scary. And the only thing scarier is sharing them with someone — and feeling both vulnerable and committed. But as soon as you take that leap, you also get a cheerleader on your side. Sharing your goals with someone who you trust and who’s opinions you value gives you sense of accountability, reality, and vulnerability. It does make it real– in a way that puts it just within your reach, with a support system who can help to get you there.
  6. Celebrate the success! – And the most important step…. Celebrate, baes! Here at Yerbaé, we believe in celebrating everything good – so rejoice in the moments that remind you of who you are and everything you’re doing to rethink your day. Celebrate yourself, and celebrate every milestone along the way to your goal. Keep the energy positive, and let everything else fall into place!

These are some of our favorite techniques, tips, and tricks to rethink our goals in a way that works. What works for you? Have you tried any of these tips before? Be sure to comment and tell us about it, as we rethink this year — one specific, measurable, and clear goal at a time! Cheers, baes!