Our Story

In 2017 our Co-Founders Todd and Karrie Gibson decided to share their vision with the world of bringing people a clean beverage that provides a purpose in people’s lives. This vision led them to the creation of Yerbaé. This company has become an industry pioneer by re-introducing the world to one of our signature ingredients, Yerba Mate. This herb allowed us to transform what an enhanced sparking beverage can do for people. Yerba mate has special properties such as naturally occurring caffeine, that helps stimulate the body but focuses the mind. Previously used to create the “Drink of the Gods”, Yerbaé found a way to make the drink just for you. Our enhanced sparkling water allows the mind to transcend the cloudiness of fatigue and be more focused on what is most important to you.

After combining Yerba Mate with our premium products we are able to provide our customers with a viable and uplifting experience that caters to any lifestyle. Our founders continue to believe that providing an elevating experience shouldn’t come at the detriment of a nutritional product and meaningful lifestyle brand.

We are excited for our innovative brand to keep the focus on you. With all our products delivering you quality benefits ranging from being Non- GMO and gluten free. We have brought you a clean and uplifting experience that can be integrated into any lifestyle.