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These testimonials aren’t us showing off. We’re just really proud that natural energy seekers have gravitated to Yerbaé Naturally Caffeinated Energy. If you want to see what these people are talking about, click this little button below and have an amazing day.
I just love the Yerbae Drinks. It's a caffeine drink that does no harm with added nasty ingredients! Since I don't drink coffee, it's a great drink in the morning!

Kate D.
Orange Cherry Pineapple rocks my socks! I love that I can have these in the morning and not crash in the afternoon.

Brad W.
I can't recommend Yerbae enough! They naturally caffeinated plant based energy beverages taste incredible.

Sienna T.
Yerbae's sugar-free energy beverages have helped me kick my addiction to sugar without sacrificing taste or function.

Sarah G.
I love the 12oz Performance Pack. I get 3 of my favorite flavours every two weeks and couldn't be happier.

Amanda P.