Todd Gibson | Co-Founder

Todd is kind of like "A Beverage King" as he knows the Bev industry inside and out and consumes them non stop, like 5 Yerbae's a day! Also, he has managed and launched several businesses in the beverage industry over the past 20 years, and it all started in Detroit at a beer distributor and continued over the years with Monster, SoBe, Fuze, NOS, Coca Cola and now Yerbaé.  Not a bad stretch for a young lad! 😁

Karrie Gibson | Co-Founder

Karrie has been referred to as "The Recycling Queen" for many years as she created and sold one of the largest Electronics Recycling Companies in the US. Who says that you can't start a company from the basement and recycle over 1B pounds of materials while employing 300 employees?😳 Soon after selling, she started on a journey in cleaning up her diet!  She says "she never met a bread that she wouldn't eat" basically a carb lover and energy drink consumer! That is when Yerbaé was born!

John Blair | National Sales Director

1979 Family Fued's one and only Chalk & Shackles! 👍🏽😁

Yerbie | Team Mascot