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Yerbaé gives you a natural plant based boost to get you where you want to be. Yerbaé is more than a delicious zero-calorie, zero-sugar, non-GMO naturally caffeinated energy drink. Yerbaé hydrates, energizes, and refreshes to power your healthy and active lifestyle, all while improving your focus and performance.

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16oz Flex Pack
16oz Naturally Caffeinated
12 Cans Per Pack
Features a sweeter, bolder flavor with a natural plant-based boost to help you tackle any challenge.
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120z Performance Pack
12oz Naturally Caffeinated
12 Cans Per Pack
Features a lighter, subtle hint of unsweetened flavor with a perfectly balanced plant-based boost.
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Super Sticks
12 Sticks Per Pack
The best way to take Yerbaé with you on the go to stay focused and get an energy boost when you need it most.
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non GMO eco friendly diabetic friendly keto friendly gluten free plant based

andrewgstern Every Round. Every Rep. Every Flex. I need all the energy!! As a new Dad, I've been relying on @drinkyerbae to give me the healthy boost of energy that I need. 0 Sugars, 0 Artificial Flavors, 100% great taste.

Quench Yer Thirst
non GMO eco friendly diabetic friendly keto friendly gluten free plant based

Supercharge your training and take advantage of Yerbaé's long lasting natural energy as part of your pre-workout routine, and finish off strong with a clean boost to feel refreshed. Try our unsweetened tasty 12oz beverages or our naturally sweetened 16oz beverages and find your favorite flavor.

With 12 flavors and two convenient sizes to choose from there's something for everyone!



Boost your energy the natural way with our deliciously inspired naturally caffeinated energy drinks infused with Yerba Mate, Guarana, and White Tea Extract. Try all our most popular flavors and find your favorite with this great offer.