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Mango Passion Fruit


Antioxidant & Energy Drink Mix (12 packets)

A delicious fruity blend of Mango and Passion Fruit with a boost of energy, vitamins and antioxidants in a convenient packet that you can mix with 12oz of water at home or on the go.

non GMO eco friendly diabetic friendly keto friendly gluten free plant based
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Supercharge your water, improve your hydration, boost your energy, and replenish your antioxidants with Yerbaé Super Sticks: The Clean, Simple, and Delicious way to take Yerbaé with you every day. Great for your workout energy and focus with 100mg of natural caffeine. Antioxidant Rich for your mind and body with Yerba Mate and vitamins A, C, and E. The naturally smart way to get your vitamins and hydrate your body. Our Plant-Based ingredients make Yerbaé Super Sticks Vegan Friendly, Keto Friendly, and non-GMO. Great Tasting and Refreshing with Zero Calories, Zero Carbs, Zero Sugar, Zero Artificial Sweeteners and Gluten Free. All our packaging is made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. Perfect to take on the go and great for the planet.

Super Sticks


yerbae super sticks


Plant Based, Non-GMO or Organic, and Sustainably Sourced


Adding Yerbaé Smart Sticks to your water gives you more than just H20. Smart Sticks provide vitamins and minerals that are known to support a healthy immune system, promote strong bones and muscles, improve hydration, and slow the aging process of your cells. Smart Sticks also give you a naturally clean energy boost to improve your focus and performance.

But don’t take our word for it. Try Yerbaé Super Sticks and see for yourself.

CLEAN: Plant based, zero sugar, zero calories, no artificial sweeteners.
SIMPLE: Just add to 12oz of your favorite water, shake or stir, and enjoy.
DELICIOUS: A great tasting guilt-free treat to boost your mind and body. No more boring water.
RECYCLE: Please help us take care of our environment. Our packaging, both the box and the packets, is 100% recyclable.


Vitamin A: Known to support a healthy immune system and promote bone health.
Vitamin C: Each packet contains 100% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. That’s more than an orange or a cup of grapefruit juice.
Vitamin E: This antioxidant may help reduce free radical damage and slow the aging process of your cells* (according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).)
Yerba Mate: Sustainably sourced from Argentina, Yerba Mate is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. This natural energy boosting plant can help improve mental focus and performance.
Natural Caffeine: Long lasting energy and focus without the jitters or the crash.
Organic Stevia: Adds a little sweetness naturally without sugar.
Calcium: A key ingredient for strong bones and healthy muscles
Sodium: A critical electrolyte that may improve hydration by helping to deliver water to your body's cells.

unlock your can-do attitude
add, stir, enjoy!

Life can be pretty stressful, and stress can wear you down and weaken your immune system. That's why Yerbae decided to take the flavours you love and combine them with a focused combination of vitamins to help your body and mind work better. Starting with caffeine from the finest Argentinian Yerba Mate, ACE is the "ace up your sleeve" to help you power through your day. A convenient, on-the-go boost that tastes great and is great for you.

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