Yerbae Collabs With Kyle Shanahan

Yerbaé supports champions with plant-based energy, whether in sports, entertainment or everyday pursuits. Our new Advisory Board members know what it takes to excel. We are drawing on their expertise to inspire our fast-growing Yerbaé community to greater achievement and wellbeing.

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I’m really particular about what I would even consider endorsing. So the fact that I'm not only joining the advisory board at Yerbaé, but an actual investor in the company, should tell you how unique I think this product is.

The taste, the ingredients, the fact I don't feel like crap after drinking it -- this is the best caffeinated beverage I've ever tried and it's not really close.

Kyle's Fave Flavor:
Classic Lemonade

What does Classic Lemonade taste like?
It's like life gave you lemons, but you turned them into the most delicious lemonade packed with energy and no sugar.
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