Yerbae Collabs With Nathaniel Hackett

Yerbaé supports champions with plant-based energy, whether in sports, entertainment or everyday pursuits. Nathaniel Hackett is the offensive coordinator for the New York Jets, and he brings a commitment to excellence and a modern approach to leadership, which makes him a perfect fit for Yerbaé and its team of investors. Coach Hackett and his colleagues are an ongoing inspiration to our fast-growing Yerbaé community.

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I’m never hurting for energy. But when I need that extra little boost, there is nothing better than Yerbae!” said Coach Hackett. “I love literally every flavor — especially Yuzu Lime — and I never have to worry about crashing after. You gotta try Yerbae!

Nathaniel's Fave Flavor:
Yuzu Lime

It's like the the thrill of reaching a goal, but your goals were to learn what a yuzu fruit was, then see what it tasted like with a lil' like thrown in.
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