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We Love Aluminum Cans!

Before Yerbaé was created, the founders created one of the largest recycling companies in the U.S! In fact, within 10 years, their company recycled nearly 1 billion pounds of materials and helped government entities implement almost 1,000 convenient recycling drop-off points for consumers! So as you can imagine, recycling is important to us at Yerbaé! You won’t find Yerbaé in plastic bottles to serve up our delicious brew!  We pack all of our drinks using the most recycled beverage container: aluminum cans!  How will you leave a cleaner footprint behind you? 

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Cans provide the best barrier, enabling your drinks to stay as fresh as when they were packed. 😋


Cans reduce landfills & can be recycled forever with no loss in quality! That's Amazing!

Leave a cleaner footprint behind you and help someone in need while your at it!

Curious about where to recycle your Yerbaé cans and a whole list of other items? Head here to find the recycling dropoff closest to you!

Recycling Dropoff Near you

Want to learn more about how you can up your recycling game and contribute to a better environment? Check out these handy resources for more information!