Yerbae Collabs With Richmond Flowers

Yerbaé supports champions with plant-based energy, whether in sports, entertainment or everyday pursuits. Our new Advisory Board members know what it takes to excel. We are drawing on their expertise to inspire our fast-growing Yerbaé community to greater achievement and wellbeing.

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My whole job revolves around recognizing the perfect fit — in football and beyond. Not only do I love how Yerbaé tastes, it’s uniquely suited to the daily lives of both coaches and players. They have demanding jobs that require them to be at their best every day, mentally and physically. Yerbaé helps them achieve those goals with healthy energy to keep going all day. And if it’s good enough to help athletes to achieve peak performance, imagine what it can do for everyone else.

Richmond's Fave Flavor:
Black Cherry Pineapple

What does Black Cherry Pineapple energy feel like?
It’s like drinking fruit punch, but instead of punching it gives your tastebuds perfect pineapple and cherry high fives with every single sip.
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